Cosmetic Dental St Louis

Our goal is to give you a fresh smile and the best oral health possible.

If you brush after eating, you will remove the bacteria that can cause all kinds of dental problems.

You can come in for a teeth cleaning and that may be all you need to brighten your teeth.

Some dentists just go through the process of dental procedures like it's just another job.

The use of a dental mouth guard while you sleep will help to keep your airways open and alleviate your problem with snoring.

With conscious sedation you will be able to talk to the dentist and tell him if anything is painful during a procedure.

If the thought of sitting with your mouth open and letting someone work in your mouth is not appealing to you, maybe a sedation dentist is what you need to look into.

Dentures are appliances that must be fit to your mouth and your smile.

If you experience pain after a procedure like a dental crown or implant, that's understandable.

If you think you have dental problems, pick up the phone and make an appointment to talk with the dentist and come in for a checkup.

If you have chipped or cracked teeth, those should be fixed so they don't cause any other issues in the future.

03/09/17 06:46:05 AM

Many people have dentures made and end up putting them in a drawer and never wearing them. If you take the time every day to get rid of the bacteria in your mouth that is there after you eat, you can avoid gingivitis and other gum diseases.

03/07/17 10:18:14 PM

Some patients seem to have more health problems when they have dental gum problems. We use a teeth whitening gel that's applied to the teeth and most of the time the gel busts up the stains in one treatment.

03/06/17 01:33:12 PM

We use the latest technology to give you a straight and healthy smile.

03/04/17 09:58:17 PM

You can even have mini implants if you have reduced bone in your jaw.

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